No Authorization for Towing your Car

Why would your car get towed without your permission?

When you drive a car it’s a little bit more important for you to make sure that not only are you careful about making sure of your safety but also that you are careful and not putting yourself in trouble with the authorities. However, getting in trouble with the authorities in the road does not stop only when your car is on the road running within the speed limit or not. It can even be when you are parked in the side of the road. As a driver, you realized that you are not only a person who has to follow the rules but you are also responsible for the life of your passenger, yourself and that of others. So, when a 24 hour towing Erie PA gets and hauls your car away you can’t exactly say oops I forgot.

In this article you will learn some of the reasons why your car would be towed without your authorization.

1. When you park in a NO PARKING SPOT or zone you are basically parking illegally and that could be a reason for the removal of your car on the spot without your permission. There is no reason for you to do the obviously illegal parking and if you do that you can expect that sooner or later your car would be towed and there is nothing you can do about it, but be hassled with the process of retrieving it.

2. EXPIRED REGISTRATION can be a reason for your car getting towed without your permission. It is a rule that your car should have a valid registration when you put it on the road. There is no reason for you to run it without the correct registration. During your retrieval, you would be expected to show the proof that you are working or have gotten the new registration for your car.

3. This one could be connected to the first point, if you OBSTRUCT A WALKWAY you can pretty much expect yourself in hot waters with the authorities. So, when you park in a way where you are obstructing a fire hydrant, obstructing a or an access point, you would be putting others in danger when there is an emergency.

4. When the car is practically DISABLED your car will be towed out of the way just to make sure that everything is pretty good in the road. Although it could mean that everything would be going to go downhill for you but safety first. When your car is not in a good condition where it can drive from one point to another without breaking down.

5. PRIVATE PROPERTY owners would love to put your car in the towed station just because you parked in their property. If you really must park in the private property make sure to ask for the permission of the owner. This way you won’t be messing up with them and they would not think that you are only bringing trouble with them.

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